Thursday, April 26, 2012

Much needed workout!

I've finally added a small, 30 minute workout today. The last time I did anything truly physical was Sunday, so this was much awaited!
I'm finding my therapist's breathing technique to help me in a lot of situations; help falling asleep, staying calm, and also gaining my breath after a super fast cardio workout. I also had a buddy come and help me out, my puppy Dev. He decided to add 10 extra pounds on my back while I was in the middle of push-ups. Too cute!

Look at that face! Definitely my workout bud forever! <3

Sunday, April 22, 2012

So I have attempted the "Ninety-nine workout". It's 99 jumping jacks, crunches, 99 sec. wall sit, 99 leg lifts, and 9 push-ups. Once you're done with that, you go down to 88, then 77, 66, etc. It's also known as the "if I can do this workout I must be invincible" workout. Yahh... I'm not there just yet! After 30 minutes and only half way through the 77 circuit, I was DONE. So instead of that, I chose to finish a normal cardio circuit for 10 minuets then a few core exercises.

Now I'm going to reward myself with a shower, comfy clean (non-sweaty) clothes, and I just might dye my hair! (:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I love the idea of having a separate blog for what I want to do, which is being healthy, fit, and most importantly happy! I think that if I have something like this to log into everyday, it'll keep me on track with my goals and everything that I want to do.

I hope this goes as well as I plan it to. :)